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Posting classifed ads

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  • Posting classifed ads

    As you can see the forum has a Classified Ads section. This is free for all members to post in. You can use it for anything; for sale, wanted, cars, parts, miscellaneous etc. So please check here first before going onto ebay!
    We will try to post links to some ebay ads in there too. We are asking ebayers to mention the club to purchasers of cars in return for a link to their ad.If you see something anywhere else on the web then do bring it to members attention by posting it in the classifieds.
    Ads can run for a max of 30 days so dont worry about clogging the system up - you wont! It's a good idea however, to set the time limit of the ad to one day longer than an auction runs.

    You can go to the classified section simply by clicking on the tab in between Forums and What's New at the top of the page.

    Members can now post up to 100 concurrent ads with 15 pictures per ad!

    Don't forget to add a price!