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  • YKC Roadster for sale

    For sale
    Marlin YKC Roadster (Registration “HIS YKC”). Built from a single Sierra GLS donor car hence 2.0ltr fuel injected DOHC engine with K&N filter, disk brakes all round. Pearlescent green(Vauxhall Corsa Rio Verde),front wings wrapped in simulated black carbon fibre.

    Seats in matching green leather, carpet and cockpit trim matching domestic green Wilton, Burr walnut dashboard, lockable glove box. Chrome windscreen and roll bar; Stainless steel exhaust, stainless steel flexible exhaust to manifold connector. Stainless steel boot rack and hood frame. Rivenhood folding roof and sidescreens, Rivenhood tonneau cover, 5 Azerro alumunium wheels. Hidden immobiliser switch, Inertia immobiliser switch, long range aluminium petrol tank and aero filler, tow hitch and trailer electrics socket;

    Contact: Keith Howell Tel: 01494 864351
    Email: [email protected]

    KH1.jpg KH2.jpg

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    It looks a very tidy example, where is it and what is the price please ?



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      Hi, the car is located in Bucks but I suggest you contact the seller for any further details.


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        Is that Keiths car? Good example if it is.
        - 9th owner of T693 SSC possibly a factory built Ford based V8 Sportster
        - 4th owner of Q309 RNV, an early Cabrio built by Bob Copping, owned Doug & Liz Billings for 16 years
        - 9th Custodian of JRR 929D, Triumph Vitesse based special Paul Moorehouse built prior to the Triumph Roadster kits.
        - 8th owner of Roadster chassis number 2395. Now owned by Barry!
        - Builder of chassis number 2325 (PKK 989M) in the mid 80's. Now owned by Eric & Lynne.