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Cabrio front shocks update 30/4/23

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  • Cabrio front shocks update 30/4/23

    Both my front Cabrio shocks were leaking and needed replacing, the easiest way to find out what i needed was to take the old socks off and try and find a make and number, i found 12974 and the make was AVO, on to the phone at AVO 01604 708101 and the guy there was really helpful, and this is where you need to pay attention to the detail of what you want , what you are ordering and what the sizes they ask you about refer to.
    After a few questions it seemed i needed a part number of PA130/090 steel 1.9 single adj polybush. this was duly ordered with postage at a cost of £230.94, they arrived the next day, very good service.
    However they didnt fit , the springs on my car were too big in diameter for the shocks supplied, i measured the shocks supplied and they were 2.25 inches, rechecked the invoice and it said 1.9 , so it seemed they supplied the wrong shock absorber to the one i thought i purchased.
    But it seems shock absorbers are supplied by part number that fits the inside diameter of the spring and not the damper itself (my damper measures 1.9 inches diameter) so it seems i needed part number PF130/090 steel 2.25 single adj polybush , (at a cost of £54.50 extra) this is correct part number and size to fit a Cabrio, well almost. First of all you must confirm AVO are the correct bolt hole sizes, on one shock the top mounting was miles to small to fit a Cabrio 1/2 inch bolt on the other shock the bottom bush was the wrong size, so get them to fit both bushes in both shocks they have 1/2 inch bolt attachment holes, i just reamered out the bush, it was shear luck i had a 1/2 inch reamer.

    i have to say AVO are really good at this delivery and sending stuff back to them, the replacement shocks arrived the next day and the driver had the paperwork to take away the shocks that didnt fit , really good service.

    The saga of fitting them has only just started, they just wouldn't fit on the bottom attachment , basically the new shocks have a nice smartly machined eye end fitting with a bush, which is too big, and the old original AVO shocks had a tube welded on the end of the shock with a bush in it , much smaller than the new shocks (like they all did back in the day) so i had the option of grinding a bit off the chassis or grind a bit of the shock eye end, it only need about .040 inches ground off to provide a clearance, my thought was if i screw this up and grind to much off the chassis i am really in trouble, if i grind to much off the shock all i need to do is replace the shock, so guess what i did.........
    so to summarize the part number you need is PF130/090 description is Steel 2.25 single adj poly bush and the cost is £284.54 including VAT and postage, (for the pair) dont forget the sizes refer to the spring the shock fits into, not the shock itself..
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    Very useful info, thank you. I'll be taking a look at the shocks next year so will keep this post handy!


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      Slightly perplexed by this - have AVO updated their reference codes, perhaps?

      The shocks I purchased from AVO 29th September 2020 are described as code PF974 on the invoice.

      From memory I quoted "974" when I ordered as was this was stamped on the lower part of the old units. Very helpful, AVO told me they were Marlin specific units made as specials due to a welded-in spacing collar (of around 10mm (?)) between the barrel of the unit and the lower eye to give clearance around the wishbone mounting point. They fitted without any need of modification.

      Cost including carriage and VAT was however £300.00 and delivery took at least six weeks.



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        It 's all been documented in the past - just use the search facility!


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          i did use the search facility, tons of times , but couldn't find anything that really convinced me what i wanted, plus some of the info was oldish and these parts suppliers change the parts they supply for the same spec many times, so i thought a 2023 update might be helpful.
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            Apologies, no offence meant. I have always used Gaz for shocks and as far as I know they still recognise/use the original numbers. Never had a problem with fitment.


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              no worries, i am not offended at all,
              changing the subject i wonder how we could set up some sort of page in the forum by car type that we could put part numbers and suppliers for others to share, plus maybe dates of when the info was put there.
              as our cars get older parts will be a big issue, its the parts that keep the cars going.
              an example is of course the shock absorbers mentioned in this thread, but i also need rear suspension bushes , they may be sierra type or a marlin supplied item (not sure cant even remember which ones they are without climbing underneath again)
              just a thought.
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                You could add info to the "FAQs" sticky in the Cabrio/Hunter page ?