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    I'm sure many of us old 'uns will remember this most useful gadget, invaluable
    with the 2 stroke in my Messerschmitt bubble cars.

    It would be good to find one to use on the Jago rebuild as I don't expect the fuel
    sender to be any use and an additive is needed - and there are too many bends in
    the pipe to use a dipstick.

    However, the plastic in them has probably disintegrated by now

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    I always used to have a little notebook in the glove box for my clone cars, and faithfully recorded fill-ups and how much, giving me a full economy history. I still do this today, even though my car gives me mileage average on the display. I kept a notebook in my pocket for the Marlin. I agree that probably very few of these have survived ... But I still have one of my old notebooks !


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      We would probably find if we still had our little notebooks that fuel economy was better than our 'moderns'. We weren't pedalling something that weighed two tons + had all the gimmicks the marketing men tell us we need these days


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        Too right about the gimmicks !! Remember that most EV's are heavier too (battery packs weigh a LOT). ICE engine efficiency has gone up considerably in the 40 odd years since I built my Marlin, but overall though it's still not good, as most energy is lost in heat.


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          I had a Tel-U-Log when I ran my frogeye in 1968. It was a useful aid especially as the fuel tank sender was very erratic.
          Marlin Berlinetta 2.1 Efi