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  • Location for fusebox

    What is the best location for the fuse box on a Marina based Roadster? The horizontal surface of the bulkhead seems like an obvious place but I seem to remember in my previous Roadster this tends to get wet with rain water finding its way in past the windscreen wiper spindles.
    I know there isn't any one answer but all suggestions gratefully received!

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    I think that's where most of them are. Mine is on the passenger side next to the battery.
    Mk2 SWB Marina Roadster with a 2.0L Pinto built in 1986


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      Another vote for passenger side close to the battery. That's where I put it on my on my last one and had no issues with water ingress. My current one has it under the dashboard, which is a right pain in the backside!


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        Mine is on the passenger side under the bonnett, between the battery and the bulkhead, next to that I have my air horns with compressor


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          Thanks for the idea's everyone.
          I finally decided on the passenger side at the top inside of the vertical part of the bulkhead. See my build record!