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Roadster Mk2 Marina Based Parts required

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  • Roadster Mk2 Marina Based Parts required

    Hi all

    I require a replacement drivers side (offside ) Front suspension upright I believe the part number is 21H5923 from the BL parts manual. However I currently have a 21H5917 fitted . Does anyone also know what the difference is please?

    My Front offside Drivers side wing is also badly damaged so has anyone also got a spare of that please?

    My car is currently undriveable following being hit by a woman cutting the corner off turning right and crashing into my Roadster. I am absolutely gutted as had booked to display again at the Kophill Climb this weekend

    Thanks for reading.
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    Re: Roadster Mk2 Marina Based Parts required

    I know to a front off side wing is your roadster LWB?


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      Re: Roadster Mk2 Marina Based Parts required

      Hi Danny

      My Roadster is a SWB

      Does anyone know if its possible to remove the steering arm on a suspension upright, as I gather it is tapered and also has a woodruff key? Has anyone managed to swap the direction of the steering arm so that an upright with identical number can then be used on the opposite side of the car?

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        Re: Roadster Mk2 Marina Based Parts required

        In theory you can remove the steering arm but.... As I recall the uprights are handed one having the normal clockwise thread, the other being anti-clockwise so not possible to swap them side to side. They do come up on Ebay from time to time, but normally with knackered threads so you need to get a pair of the special ovesized trunions. Marina Owners Club being the source.

        I also have a pair of SWB wings. They are from an earlier Marlin but I don't think they changed much. They are the two piece ones with the ally inner wing. If you want them I am sure we can come to an arrangement, PM me. I am in Mid Bedfordshire. You would have to drag them out from behind my man shed as I am not allowed to lift anything ATM.

        Cheers, Robin

        PS I also go to Kop Hill but am not allowed to drive for another couple of weeks :-(


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          Re: Roadster Mk2 Marina Based Parts required

          Pair of uprights with brakes and discs on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304640082147