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New to me Cabrio owner.

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  • New to me Cabrio owner.

    I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself to the membership.
    I am George, a semi-retired 65 year old based in Gisburn, Lancashire and have recenrly purchased a 2L Cabrio variant of the Marlin.
    I'm sure, as I begin messing with the car, a number of questions will get posted, but for now I'm simply enjoying the ownership and the driving.
    One question that sprang to mind. I note there is a members map and wondered what the process was to include my location on the map.
    I appear to be somewhat surrounded by sportsters.

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    Re: New to me Cabrio owner.

    Welcome to the club ! Enjoy the car ..
    Triumph Herald 1200 based Roadster
    Bought in 1983 as a running restoration


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      Re: New to me Cabrio owner.

      Hope you enjoy the car. Use it while the weather is kind, coming colder next week!


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        Re: New to me Cabrio owner.

        Another welcome to the Club, tomcat. Don't let autumn/ winter weather put you off going out in the Cabrio; just wear more layers!

        As for your question about the membership map, our web admin should pick up your membership and add you when the database is next updated.