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  • Currently under construction

    Club Goods listings will appear here in due course.
    Please do not post here for the time being.
    Thank You!

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    I offer apologies to the club membership and in particular our webmaster for my tardiness in setting up this section of the forum.
    The intention is that Club Goods stock and prices can be more readily entered here in a less tedious manner than on the main part of the website and hence facilitate more timely updates. In the meantime potential purchasers may click “Main Website” in the bar above and then “Club Goods” at the top of the page to view photos of most of the items offered. The latest edition of “Pitstop” (whether as a printed copy or in the Member’s section below) carries current details and these will happily be forwarded to non-members on request to the vice-chairman via the “Contact Us” key on the main website. To protect your personal details orders should be placed by post or to my personal email address and not through forum postings.
    Sorry for any inconvenience these arrangements may cause.
    John Mulvaney, vice-chair.