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  • larger Roadster driver

    Larger Roadster driver,

    Can I move the pedal box an inch or two and try to get an extra inch or two for the width by the seat base?

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    It's been a while since I had a Roadster but, if it's Marina based with a hydraulic clutch master cylinder on the pedal box, I see no reason why the pedal box couldn't be spaced off the front bulkhead by an inch. However, doing so may impact the rigidity of the bulkhead so I would certainly fit the triangular re-enforcing bracket if one is not already fitted. There will be other members more familiar with this area of the car who can say if I'm talking nonsense or not!


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      I believe your roadster is a short wheelbase edition based on spitfire mechanicals. you could move the whole pedal assembly if the engine allows it, but quite a lot of work to add or move the strengthening.
      Mine have a box section across the bottom of the footwell which if yours is the same would limit how far things could move.


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        As a 6 foot 5 driver.... If it's a Triumph base..... There isn't a lot room, and you have to be able to operate the pedals enough for them to work, the clutch especially. So moving the pedal mounts forwards will tend to reduce their 'swing' and they may hit the bulkhead too soon. What I did with my old roadster was to have no seats, effectively just putting in a full width upholstered backboard across the rear bulkhead, and cushions on the floor. This gave a bit more headroom (less breeze) and legroom. It sounds nuts, but it actually worked really well. Later on I took it back to Paul Moorhouse and he turned it into a long wheel base for me, which you might be able to do if you have access to a good welder, but it's not for the faint hearted. I used Marina Wings and the extra LWB piece to fit it all together afterwards. Another way I guess would be to move the bulkhead forwards, but that's not simple either (as above) as it has a reinforcing strip, and the footwell width reduces too as you go forwards.


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          Thanks for the responses guys, good food for thought.


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            Kev, the build manual is downloadable from the Members section on here
            Rgds DC