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Cabrio Rear Spring Top Mount

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  • Cabrio Rear Spring Top Mount

    Stripping the rear of my Cabrio to deal with chassis rust. I had the Cabrio chassis powder coated as it was recomended as the best protection. WRONG. Once a seam goes, water gets trapped under the coating and creeps along unseen rusting as it goes.
    I did the front after I had to take the engine out to replace a failed clutch thrust bearing. Had it grit blasted and used Rustbuster FE123 + its EM121 Epoxy Mastic Chassis Restoration Paint.
    I have been putting it off, but after a long strip of Powder coating dropped onto the garage floor I realised the time had come to tackle it.
    My problem is the rear spring Top Mounts are very corroded. Does anyone know where I could have some fabricated OR does anybody have unused Top Mounts that I could purchase from them
    IMG_0622a.jpg ?
    Any help appreciated. Regards Mike

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    Probably a bit late replying but try Danny. I believe he is scrapping a cabrio chassis