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Talking Hoods again!

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  • Talking Hoods again!

    Okay, so I know that this subject has been discussed at length previously but I just wanted to add to it.
    A while ago I had a new hood made locally to me but unfortunately, the chap who made the hood didn't use my old hood as a pattern and therefore it did't fit the front windscreen with the cant rail correctly and he has not left enough material at the front for me to correct it. He also stiched the zips in the wrong way round, meaning that my plans to fit zip in side screens were somewhat scuppered!
    I have been in touch with several trimmers but none are willing to help and sadly, the moment you mention the words 'kit car', they all seem to want to run a mile!
    Does anyone have the details of any trimmers that would be willing to help or the details of the company that Marlin used for the Hunter and or the company that YKC used for the Roadster?

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    Wherabouts are you, Chris?

    This firm were recommended by another member, if you are in the north west:


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      Hi Jon and thanks for the info. I am in Runcorn but I don't have a problem travelling if it means getting things sorted. I will have a look at their website.


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        Regarding HOODS, TONNEAUS, Trim repairs etc etc. Here's a guy who did some work for me in the late 80' still trading and has an excellent reputation. David Nightingale, (t/a Nightingale Coach Trimming, google it) 01249 701271 There's an advice and quotation request button on the website. When my Cabrio needs a new hood, you cna guess where I'll be going.
        I asked for and was given permission to post this...apart from the fact that David is good and I'm happy to recommend him, I have no personal axe to grind except in my role as your Membership Secretary.