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    I am removing rust and generally refurbing the rear section of the Marlin chassis and have completely stripped the car down to the chassis at the rear. It is a major job as the wings, tub, suspension, fuel tank, wiring etc. have to be removed.
    Can anyone please tell me the the gauge/thickness of the chassis side rails. The chassis has rusted through under the aluminium cover that sits over the chassis under the door. It is a very small area, but needs attention to stop it spreading. The powder coating has failed and being unseen rust had taken hold and crept along under the powder coating.

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    when i refurbished the rear end of my sierra based Berlinetta which is similar arrangement to the cabrio ( i have owned both types) i found 3 different thicknesses of metal depending on where it was, my suggestion would be to cut it back to good metal and measure that, sheet metal is mostly sold in mm nowadays and when the car was built it might have Gauge Thickness metal which is slightly different thickness.
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      I believe someone has quoted the thickness of steel to be in the region of 1.5 mm [Half what it was in a Roadster]