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  • Sportster pedal box

    Has anybody had a failure on
    the pedal box, clutch pedal side welds failing and plating cracked. I am having the box repaired but wondered if any body had a similar problem and a solution to to lack of support on the clutch pedal.

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    I found the pedal box was poor quality / bad design and have made numerous changes over the years including:

    Adding the bearings from the donor car to the pedals (during the original build):

    Double walling the side of the box as they were flimsy (after a couple years of driving)

    Adding extra metal to the scuttle to support the pedal box

    Designing a 3D printed clutch bracket printed in a high temp-resistant co-polyester - very ridged with provision to bolt into the scuttle as well as the pedal box - about 7 years ago now.

    The extra metal and custom bracket help a lot, the clutch is still a bit of a pain to use. Im using OE BMW clutch master and slave - changed recently, checked on the 3d printed bracket all still good.
    BMW E30 Sportster 2005 - M20B28 - Build Log and Updates