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1.8 Gearstick for Marina Based Roadster

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  • 1.8 Gearstick for Marina Based Roadster

    Do you have a spare 1.8 shorten gearstick for my Marina gearbox please?
    Currently I can select reverse gear when going for 3rd gear. I have replaced with a brand new item what I thought maybe wrong , the Lift plate that is fitted in the rear gearbox housing (as it did have wear on it,) sadly that hasn't cured the problem.

    Adrian very kindly loaned me a 1275 gearstick to try and I note the small pin protruding from the bottom of my 1.8 gearstick is a fair bit shorter than the 1275 gearstick. The upper ball on the 1275 is slightly smaller diameter so ,I cannot simply swap the sticks out.

    I tried and got a lot of play in the gearchange.

    Does anyone know what the correct length of the lower protruding pin on a 1.8 gearstick is supposed to be and does it unscrew ?

    I am thinking that because my protruding pin is worn ( it also has a flat on it) that it is now missing the lift plate and hence no restriction to selecting reverse or lifting the stick to get reverse ?
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