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Radiator hose: Marlin Hunter

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  • Radiator hose: Marlin Hunter

    I have a Marlin Hunter first registered 1995 fitted with a 2.1 litre Ford Pinto engine from a Ford Sierra. The engine is thought to be around 1986/7 vintage. I have a perished lower radiator hose. A Sierra hose does not fit. Does anyone know what hose I require?

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    Perhaps include a picture of the hose with a few measurements? I have a Cabrio running a 2L Pinto and always thought my hoses were standard Sierra but I could well be completely wrong. If it looks like mine then I'll have a look in my original build docs to see if they record anything for this. Its how I found out where my radiator came from.
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      The factory built Marlin Hunter was usually fitted with cross flow radiators of different capacity with remote filling on the top hose. So the bottom hose could be anything that suits and has the correct internal diameter . Even if it requires cutting down to suit. Use the old one as a rough guide.


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        Thanks for these replies. I will get the old hose off and photo it, but it may be a few days as I am not at home at the moment. Thanks again