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Marina Clutch Fork wanted:-

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  • Marina Clutch Fork wanted:-

    This was posted on 'FaceBook' and I offered to re-post it here on the MOC Forum for Simon. I will forward on any respones or PM me to make contact with Simon, many thanks Colin Barrett

    Simon Quoreenton

    Hi, does anyone have a marina clutch fork for sale? I just bought one last week on ebay but now the guy says he can't find it. I'm currently receiving chemotherapy for an incurable cancer and I really didn't need this hassle as well. If anyone has a serviceable one I'd be very grateful! Thanks Simon

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    I'm sorry about your problems but clutch forks are a bit 'unobtanium'. If you have the original could it be repairable?


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      Hi Colin . Is it a 1275 or 1.8 and does he know the BL part number that he requires or would you like me to look it up for him?

      Armed with that info , Simon can then try googling the part number . typing that BL number on ebay and also I recommend giving TD Fitchett a call.
      Explain to them that the Marina Box is the 3 rail Triumph box and most of the parts may be very similar to both the non overdrive spitfire and also the Herald. Has he also tried both Moss Europe and Rimmer Brothers looking for those 2 Triumph cars?
      Perhaps there is a match.

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        Ye Ol Ripper, I have read that the clutch fork is unique to the Marina; is that not the case? Not had the Marina engine/ transmission in either of my Roadsters so my knowledge is based only on what I have seen on here.


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          I have had a delve in the parts department and found one. I think it's serviceable. The pins that go in the bearing carrier are a bit worn. I don't know if they could be pressed out and rotated through 180 degrees but I think it would work fine. Does he need a bearing carrier as I seem to have lots of those.
          If you PM me I could arrange getting it to him.

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            Here is the option for a new lever including the part number. It is the same part number for the 1.3 & 1.8.


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              I have sent it to Simon. I investigated pressing out the pins on a scrap one. It appears the bit that goes through the arm is a smaller diameter than the main pin and the outer end is then flattened.
              I don't know if you took the chill off the main bit you could rotate the pin. I assume the wear must come from the bearing carrier rotating on the pins which it shouldn't as the rotation should all be in the bearing but both the scrap one ( the ball it pivots on had penetrated the lever0 and the one I sent to Simon have this wear and I think it still works OK.