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  • Heater

    I am getting to the stage in my rebuild where I need to choose a heater both to heat the cab and provide demisting.
    The first question is what have others used?
    And, is it worth the effort of arranging the heater to suck in fresh air, or is recirculation (easier) OK.
    Cheers Robin

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    The answer is going to depend on whether you are building a new car or rebuilding one that was previously registered. I still use the original Marlin heater box with a mini heater matrix in it and that's just fine. My car only has the hood up 10% of the time and I've only had misting issues occasionally in extremely wet conditions. When I was driving it all year round I found the best solution was to let it warm up a bit before leaving and to prop the back of the bonnet up using a bit of card to provide warm air flow over the outside of the screen which worked well even in the snow!
    Mk2 SWB Marina Roadster with a 2.0L Pinto built in 1986


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      I'm sure there are drawings somewhere in the archives for a heater unit that incorporated a Ford Sierra matrix. As for fresh air supply , I can recall someone installing a kind of letterbox opening into the rear of the nearside engine side panel that connected with the heater unit via fresh air ducting tube. It could be opened/closed by internal lever.


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        Further to above - see Pitstop Feb '97 pages 15 onwards


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          Thanks all for the replies.