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Damp Starting Problem

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  • Damp Starting Problem

    My Cabrio with an OHC 2L Ford engine does not like starting in the damp. Good as gold otherwise. Apart from applying WD40 to the electronics under the bonnet, does anyone have a particular solution that might work? Many thanks

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    Have you checked that you have a good spark when the engine is reluctant to start? In my opinion, it might be worth checking all the HT lead connections for tightness and corrosion. Depending on how old they are probably worth replacing.


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      More info required . Is that a Ford Pinto with 'old school' dizzie [ i.e. points/condenser] or electronic


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        HT Lead sounds like a good place to start and good rummage round the eltrics - thanks A Hogg and Ggrum


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          If you are running on points & condenser, try replacing the condenser. I found that the quality of these had deteriorated as they have been replaced by electronic ignition.
          Starting a cold damp pinto, has always been problematic, you need a good battery and starter motor.
          A squirt of damp start works well.


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            Alan Hogg It is the ex Bill Jackson Cabrio The engine is the 8valve twin cam running on a carb. So electronic dizzy on the front of the engine.