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    S W Meets

    In the past I used to organise these meets as an informal Sunday pub lunch meet, but stopped these due to dwindling attendance. Also due to the increased popularity of Sunday pub lunches the landlords started asking for reservations to be made and deposits paid in advance. These two things together made it impractical for me to organise. Then along came Covid and lockdown(s).

    Since then car things have slowly returned to a new normal. There has been a shift from one make events to a mixture of clubs attending meets, which I find quite refreshing. However much we love our Marlins it is still interesting to meet and talk with like minded souls, albeit with a different make of vehicle.

    These meets have been held as breakfast or brunch meets or at cars and coffee venues around the larger South West area usually, but not always, on a Sunday. They also allow for people time to go for their usual Sunday lunch at home or wherever, so they don’t use up the whole day. Some owners do an ‘ad hoc’ informal drive to another place of interest afterwards.

    One such meet that I have attended several times in the last couple of years is the South West Classic Car Club. Don’t be put off by the name. Their ethos is “all wheels welcome” so a whole range of vehicles attend from classics to modern(ish), even a tractor once! They are not a formal club but have a very active facebook page. Search fb for South West Classic Car Club and you can register with them. For an attendance at a meet they charge a meagre £2 per car (including visiting clubs) which is only to cover the hire of toilets and similar. This year their meets were at the Refuel steamer cafe at Cullompton. Next year they are planning to meet at Trago Mills Newton Abbot, in the large overflow car park which will be reserved for them on the day. As that is a large area of parking they will also be welcoming other car clubs. Their local organiser says that the MOC will be very welcome.

    So my proposal is that the MOC South West Monthly meets can resume next year and be held there with the SWCCC at the Trago Mills site.