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Roadster on Copart

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  • Roadster on Copart

    It's a very early Roadster with 2+2 bodywork, not a Cabrio

    1982 pic using an earlier reg.number :
    Hindhead 1982 Pete H pic a.jpg
    1989pic with it's current reg.:
    JJ Pix 1989 01.jpg
    Last seen in 2021 :
    John Court a1.jpg

    Many pics on the Copart site....1800 Marina based, it's surely worth saving ?
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    Very interesting. worth saving at the right price. But why the change from a B reg io a Q?


    • #3 was done back in the mid 1980s


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        Re registration change - could the earlier pic show it on a non-UK plate? B suffixes were very rare as most local authorities didn't use A or B, and the font looks wrong, Some other territories had registrations similar to UK ones. Malta maybe or Cyprus? The Q would then be allocated when it was imported/reimported to the UK. The other slightly strange possibility is that the number has been superimposed on the photograph - when it is magnified, the plate seems much sharper than the car itself.


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          There were plenty B suffixes around in 1964, but A suffixes were rare because they were using remaining registrations first.
          The car in question has leaf springs so is using a Marina axle and the B reg is too early for a Marina.
          Due to this the registration was unlikely to belong to the donor car and therefore not legal,
          which would explain the later Q reg.
          Alternatively it could have been a personal reg which the owner retained.


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            Interesting, whatever the reg. story is, the car is still on Fb Marketplace today at £695


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              Just noticed that there are several pictures of this car on the 'Roadster Development' section on Marlin histories.