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A Marlin myth

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  • A Marlin myth

    People have talked in the past about Ben Caswell and his DUKW walk on a S W Register run.

    The late Noel P-W left stuff which his widow Julia has kindly passed to the club, you may remember
    a gallery of pictures which I put up.

    Having finally sorted through everything, here are two pictures and at last I have proof of the story
    ..........but which year was it, and who has the originals of these photocopies ?


    IMG_20240215_0002a.jpg may also recognise a face or two !


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    I remember this well. It was on one of Hugh Allen's Exmoor Runs. Although I was there on the run, I cannot remember which year it was. I shall have to do some research in old Pitstop Magazines.


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      I think I am standing on the bridge watching at Tarr Steps.


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        I have now finished sorting through old magazines and have found that the photos were taken on 14th May 2005. After the previous year, with a short but deep ford , Hugh promised us a much longer one. He certainly came up with the goods! Four cars went through it. One got stuck on a rock, one was misfiring afterwards, and one suffered a crushed silencer. The fourth car was unscathed.
        See magazine from June/July 2005.
        Needless to say the rest of us did not go through it and watched from dry land although two did wade in to push the car that was stuck!


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          Thanks Doug, I've located the magazine now.


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            2005!!!, Really??? Thanks Doug, for making us all feel that little bit older!
            Ben chose a route to one side of the (slightly smoother) normal crossing point which itself was only the rough riverbed (no concrete base here) and his progress was halted by a boulder almost the same diameter of the front wheel according to Adrian Bleese who was one of the guys who waded in to help. The rest of us tugged on a rope whilst keeping our feet dry on the causeway!
            The low-mounted engine fan propelled water through the louvres in the bonnet sides in a spectacular fashion. Water was draining from the Roadster for many hours!
            Made my day!