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Q399 URL Rebuild (Thought to be the First V8 Marlin)

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  • Q399 URL Rebuild (Thought to be the First V8 Marlin)

    I am finally starting the rebuild of my V8 Marlin, talking with my wife, I flippantly offered that I will have it roadworthy for Malvern kit car show.
    So, as it has been off the road for several years only moving between garages, when space, time or abilities run out, I thought it would be prudent to start with trying to get the engine running.
    Afew hours work had it looking like this:
    Step 1 was to turn the engine by hand. Yep that was easy.
    Checking the oil, it has none, nor was there an oil filter. Quick trip to the motor factors and oil plus filter sorted.
    Next, attempting to get the engine spinning on the starter motor. Nope starter motor let all of its smoke out.
    1 new replacement starter motor and some bits of wire gets the engine spinning nicely on command.
    Time for a compression test. And I've got the following results
    Cylinder 1 = 120 psi
    Cylinder 2 = 100 psi
    Cylinder 3 = 165 psi
    Cylinder 4 = 170 psi
    Cylinder 5 = 160 psi
    Cylinder 6 = 170 psi
    Cylinder 7 = 170 psi
    Cylinder 8 = 165 psi
    It was at this point that I realised my school boy error, I hadn't checked for any oil pressure.
    I attached a lamp to the oil pressure switch and cranked. Light stayed on.
    consulting the oracle that is google informed me that Rover V8's don't like sitting without oil and the oil pump is a pig to prime.
    Ebay had a tool that you can stick in a drill, remove the distributor and run the oil pump on its own, once delivered, I whip out the Distributor and find the following at the bottom of the distributor shaft
    The oil pump drive is MISSING so I've been cranking away with no oil circulating.
    Using the Ebay tool, I spin the oil pump and after about 5 mins and two drill batteries, the oil light goes out.

    My next tasks are to sort the pump drive on the distributor and get some ignition sparks.

    can anyone tell me the possible damage Ive done regarding cranking with no oil?
    Will i have to renew bearings or could i be ok?
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    I think I'd be more worried about where the oil pump drive went. It might be worth pulling the sump and checking the bearings for scoring. You saving grace might be that the modern oils cling well so they might not have been completely dry. The other option would be to start it and see if it holds oil pressure and/or makes any nasty noises.
    Mk2 SWB Marina Roadster with a 2.0L Pinto built in 1986


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      I suggest that you use the drill to prime the oil again then wait to see how long it takes for the oil light to come back on. It is quite a qualitative test but if the light comes on immediately, especially using cold oil, it will be fair to say that there must be excessive wear somewhere.


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        Had a couple of hours this evening, so got to work with my little helper.

        I was also concerned regarding where had the drive parts gone.
        I believe I have an answer, rummaging through the boxes of parts that came with the car (it was disassembled when I bought it) I have found a Mallory dual point distributor complete with oil pump drive.


        Looking at some online pictures of the car posted by the previous-previous owner, it used to have this distributor fitted.


        Someone has swapped it out with the incomplete unit.
        This Mallory distributor has taken a beating, so I’ve ordered new dual points, rotor and cap.

        Agent leman
        That’s a great idea, I’ll do that tomorrow.

        So make me feel a little better regarding the engine status, we decided to put the body back together as to get an idea of the finished car.
        In almost no time, we had this:



        Only missing parts that concerns me is the wing supports, I still have to check the shed but might need to try and source a pair.


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          I have one off the car at the moment, I'll take some pictures and measurements, they would be easy enough to manufacture.

          Scratch that Idea, mine is a Marina front end...
          Mk2 SWB Marina Roadster with a 2.0L Pinto built in 1986