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    Posting to introduce myself as a new member.

    My Dad originally bought a Sportster kit (number T6 - 179) in 1999 along with a donor BMW 3 Series E21 with the straight 6, 2.3 litre M20B23 engine. I was fortunate enough to join him on one of his trips to Crediton.

    The car itself has lived up in Caithness for some twenty years and was not fully built. My Dad has kindly allowed me to ‘acquire’ it (he retains creative oversight) and it is now with me in West Lothian.

    The first of two main tasks is to restore the engine to working. It currently turns quite happily by hand, which is good. My plan will be to do as little as possible to it get it working first and foremost avoiding a rebuild if at all possible. I’m starting with sorting the K-Jetronic fuel injection system. Start with something simple, right?! Fuel lines have not been connected up, so this is certainly an area of immediate focus. If it the engine is no good, I wouldn’t be averse to finding a V8 instead!

    Second main task will be to fix the corrosion on the chassis where the powder coating has peeled away. This should be straight forward, even if painting and blending paint to the existing powder coat will likely be trickier. I may yet pay for the whole chassis to be stripped and painted. I’ll see how it goes.

    I have a very tatty (albeit original) build manual. If anyone could advise how I could go about obtaining a Sportster build manual, that would be very much appreciated.

    No timeline to complete. As and when time allows amongst other activities. I’ll do my best to post semi regular updates.



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    I look forward to seeing your progress.

    If you can, keep posting pictures.

    Good luck.



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      Hi Jamie
      Welcome to the club. My thoughts are that if the powder coating is separating from the chassis in some places, although it would mean taking everything off the chassis, I would advise having it sandblasted and repainted. On some chassis the coating has not bonded well due to poor preparation and allowed water to seep in behind it causing serious rust.


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        Welcome I've got plenty of pictures of my M20B28 from the rebuild on my site if you need a bit of reference. a very useful resource for M20 technical info.

        Mine is on the later motronic so doesn't have the extra cold start injector and the distributor on the end of the head instead of in the block.

        I have a copy of what Marlin supplied in 2005 which was just a load of images on a CD - I'll PM you a link.
        BMW E30 Sportster 2005 - M20B28 - Build Log and Updates