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    I still have static belts fitted...I've long meant to do something about it but haven't beyond fitting some YKC towers and then never getting the inertia belts to go on them...the arrangement seemed a bit cumbersome and the towers affected access to the capacious Roadster boot..!

    The towers have since been whilst idly looking at the Holden website I noticed something that seems to strikes a good balance between a go-faster 3-point harness (safe, but still static) and an inertia belt which could mount without towers (maybe using one of the shock mount bolts)...and wondered if anyone out there had either tried this type of belt or had any other cunning alternatives. &pgName=Seats+%26+Seat+Belts&agCode=1162&agName=Se at+Belts&pCode=092.600
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    Re: Seat Belts

    Hi Jez, If you are fitting a roll bar then you could do lots of different fixings for belts. Early Roadsters had a bar under the top edge of the back body, this made a good mounting point.


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      Re: Seat Belts

      In the past I fitted some inertia belts intended for rear seats in a normal car. The type I used did not have a bracket for the belt to pass throught, they would have been mounted directly on the rear parcel shelf. I attached the reel to the chassis in the boot area. Can't remember if I drilled through the chassis member that supports the shocks or through a triangular strengthing plate above the axle. I think the belts were made by Securon. Sorry no pictures as I sold the car 10 years ago

      I found these much easier to use than the full harness that ther previous owner fitted.


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        Re: Seat Belts

        One option which is the one I will be opting for is &pgName=Seats+%26+Seat+Belts&agCode=1162&agName=Se at+Belts&pCode=090.443
        This is the style that is used in the MGBGT. As it is angle adjustable you can attach the inertia reel directly to the original rear anchor plate in the roadster boot area. This will give inertia reel ease of use without the annoying towers.
        Although the inertia reel harness looks like it should be easy to use it still has all the downsides of a static harness which is basically getting your arms in through the top belts with the restricted space in roadster cabin.
        The belt I have pointed you to is made by Securon and you can find it much cheaper than Holden sell it for.
        There are also many options for the buckle length and type Check out the Securon website......
        Hope this helps

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          Resurrecting an old thread , has anyone pursued this idea