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Rebuilding a Roadster

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  • Rebuilding a Roadster

    Hello everyone,
    Newbie here and this is my first post.
    Back in the early 90s a mate of mine built the roadster based on the Marina, ever since then I have wanted to build my own but over the years other things have taken priority.
    I have now just purchased a 90s roadster that is basically a barn find and I am in the process of stripping it down for a complete rebuild. Unfortunately it has never been for its IVA or SVA and any advice for this would be greatly appreciated. I plan to get a registered v5 and hope I will be able to transfer the registration plates over.
    It is an Ital based 1.3 and I believe pretty much all the donor parts came from the Ital.
    Anyway the strip down is going well and everything is coming apart with ease, nothing seized yet, and the chassis is surprisingly sound.
    My first question of probably many is planning for the eventual SVA, does the chassis need any modification or anything else?
    Has anyone got a build manual electronically or the current SVA regulations.
    Other than eBay are there any recommended sources online for parts.
    I live in St. Austell, Cornwall and would be interested if anyone in the owners club is local to me.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Rebuilding a Roadster

    Sorry started this thread in the wrong place


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      Re: Rebuilding a Roadster

      Was the car ever on the road..?
      If so do you have evidence..?
      Do you already have a V5 & if so is it registered as a Marlin..?
      IVA manuals can be accessed here.
      Possible to get a Roadster through IVA (I believe it's been done a couple of times), but there will be plenty of work to achieve it...the Roadster was designed well before SVA/IVA was even thought about.
      Some of the key areas will be radiusing the screen rail (and many other items, e.g. wing edges), seat & seat-belt-belt mountings, a windscreen with suitable E marking and lighting requirements (which seem to change constantly).
      You'll also need to prove the age/origin of the engine for appropriate emissions testing.
      Lot's of knowledgeable folk around here so feel free to ask..!
      Marlin Roadster, LWB...1860 B Series + Ford Type 9
      Renault Espace 54mm front calipers, vented discs, cycle wings and adjustable tie-bars.


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        Re: Rebuilding a Roadster

        Hallo lil red rooster,

        My Marlin is a Hybrid, front Triumph suspension and rear suspension Marina with a Cortina Mk 2 axle. It like your has never been on the road so has to be prepared for the IVA. Good bed time reading is the DVLA manual for Individual Vehicle Assembly. This is what you have to beat. Main areas of work needed seem to be Steering coloum modification for safety, seat belt mountings top and bottom (original mounts are well below IVA requirements) I may well have to manufacture an anti roll bar set at the right height for the safety belt attachments. Fit an anti theft device, all instruments bezels, switches etc must not be higher than a given amount above the dashboard. Brake hydraulic fluid reservoir must have a level test button and warning light plus a sign fitted. Ans so it goes on. Depending on the individual and available time this could be an impossibility for some or a challenge for others. It can also be expensive. If I can help please let me know


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          Re: Rebuilding a Roadster

          meverett & d068795n

          I've sent you PMs, please look at top right of the Forum screen under "Notifications"

          Rgds DC