Hi all,

Four months since I bought my roadster (1988 Roadster with Pinto and type 9) and I'm having the time of my life with it, it's great fun to drive and to fettle.

The idea all along was to do some classic trials and I'm well on top of all the usual jobs needed (ride height, sump/fuel tank guard, 14" wheels/tyres, weight distribution etc), in fact everything except the rear axle....

So I have 3 options:

1 go trialling with the axle as is, take it easy and if it doesn't break in my first event, carry on hoping it doesn't break any time soon
2 go trialling with the axle as is and if it does break, then think about uprating it
3 (the proper option) - sort it out before my first event by fitting a van axle

I know they're as rare as hen's teeth these days for obvious reasons, but I still need a heavy duty rear axle, or modified diff (is it the diff that usually breaks?) - if anyone can help out at all....?

And just to up the ante a little more, as I have done some trialling in the past so I'm not a complete novice, I've decided to jump in at the deep end and enter the 2022 Land End - so may enter class O if I've still got the standard axle, but itching to have a go in class 7...