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  • Jaguar Marlin

    Has anyone else seen this on Car and Classic


    The text refers to Paul Moorhouse's involvement in the building. Not heard about this before and can't find anything on the forum search. Maybe worth a mention in Pitstop if someone can provide history and images?

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    Re: Jaguar Marlin

    Looks to me like a Berlinetta chassis/ running gear. Re worked bulkhead etc , and some of the Berly panels ,


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      Re: Jaguar Marlin

      OK, sticking my head above the parapet :

      Berlinetta kit 3972 left the Marlin factory in March 1986, sold to M Davidson, intended for the Jag. 2483cc twin carb.
      engine, and apparently was registered as Q680 URL.

      It was a special order, no screen, flat topped doors, intended to be a 2 seater with aero screens & no hood.

      It will take me a while to check the old Marlin factory records, but I am sure there are references to it.

      The front suspension looks (to me) to be Cortina, which confirms Berli and not Hunter, and anyway
      the first Cabrio was 1991

      DVLA has this car registered 1 January 1990, colour green.

      These are the first pics I have seen of it.

      Edit : The factory customer files show an order in October 1985 for delivery March 1986, kit number 3972.
      Specifically a body/chassis unit, no screen frame, no engine mounts, special flat top doors, and a reduced
      standard list of components.

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        When I was working many years ago - would have been early 1990's I had reason to call on Mike Davidson.

        I had just bought a Roadster kit and somehow the subject came up in conversation. Mike took me out to his garage where the Jag engined Marlin was. I recall that he was impressed with the Marlin chassis and he loved ( & owned ) a Jaguar ( I think 2.4 litre engine from a Mk 2 Jag ) .

        Paul Moorhouse did the 'special chassis for him to take the Jag engine. At this time the car was not on the road. That was the last I saw of it, but....just before Christmas 2022 I attended a local Church for an event and Mike was there as an organiser. I enquired regarding the car and he stated he had sold it on to a man in Truro ( Cornwall ) and did not know anymore of it's whereabouts

        Apologies that I cannot assist anymore than that - if I had seen this post before I had met him I would have dug deeper