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Fuel pipes and Ethanol

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  • Fuel pipes and Ethanol

    My car, Millie, is 17 years old this year. Parts of it are 37. In a world where the design life of cars is 12 years it not surprising that some components are in need of replacement.

    The MOT man directed me to look at my fuel line. It was showing ugly signs of perishing. I don’t recall any talk of Ethanol in 2005, it was introduced in 2008, but it has been discussed quite a bit since. When the donor Sierra was built, 1985, the first sale of unleaded petrol was still a year away.

    Duff Fuel line.jpg

    The fuel hose used in 2005 was labelled "suitable for unleaded". To be suitable for ethanol it must be labelled J30.

    Millie’s Zetec engine was made in Brazil where E25 (25% ethanol) is the norm. So I am reasonably comfortable that the engine will work alright with E10 and now I know that all the pipes are J30. I have a nagging doubt that the other items such as the fuel sender may not survive but hopefully it will fail in a safe way.

    It’s certainly worth checking that all your fuel pipes are labelled J30

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    Re: Fuel pipes and Ethanol

    Or do what I do, use Esso 99 octane, it’s zero ethanol, but you’ll need to stop buying that six pack of weekend lager to fund it!
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      Re: Fuel pipes and Ethanol

      Originally posted by David View Post
      ... you’ll need to stop buying that six pack of weekend lager to fund it!
      I drained about 12 litres of fuel from the tank, chucked about a litre on the floor due to crass stupidity before I could change the hose. Having changed the hoses I returned the 12 litres to the tank, ran the pump a couple of times and checked for leaks. I also changed the breather pipe because that was not J30 and also showing its age.


      I figured it would be prudent to check there are no leaks with a full tank so I have just filled it up, further 46 litres: so far-so-good.

      It’s been a while since I filled up a car so I thought there must be a mistake when the bill came to £75.54! Equivalent to 35 litres of Fosters. Thank goodness I’m a real ale man.