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    Hi all
    I built my Sportster in 1997 before Terri & Mark had released the build manual for the car! I can recall using two metal straps to retain the fuel tank into position BUT I can't recall if the bolts screw into retained nuts in the chaise OR if I need to get into the 'boot' space to locate the head of the bolt to be able to release the straps to lower the tank. My photos (pre-digital days) do not give me enough info. I want to replace the fuel pipe from the tank to the fuel pump as I believe the rubber fuel hose has been attacked by the ethanol restricting the fuel flow.

    Any thoughts would be great, I really don't want to have to remove the complete rear section of body work to get to the bolts.


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    Re: Fuel Tank

    Does this help, from the preliminary build manual copy in the archive. Looks like normal nuts/bolts.

    Do you perchance remember the T6 etc number for the car, it's one we have not noted

    Rgds DC
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      Re: Fuel Tank

      2005 E30 Sportster - this was mine mounted with the stock hardware:

      I ended up making custom brackets moving the tank upwards so I had more exhaust clearance (plus with a flat boot floor this puts it below that):

      BMW E30 Sportster 2005 - M20B28 - Build Log and Updates


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        Re: Fuel Tank

        Thanks I am sure that is how I remember fitting my tank as per DC's sketch apart from the outlet position as mine is not visible from under the car. It is very different from the later BMW versions.
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