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  • New Member in Sheffield

    Hi Everyone,

    I have just bought a Marlin Roadster project with a view to completing and registering the car (Chassis No. 2-01028). I have bought it from the third owner, who now suffers from ill health and cannot continue with it. He bought it from the widow of the second owner, with no paperwork, so although the car is largely completed, there is still much to do to get her on the road. I have spoken to Dave Cunnington and Bill Jackson, who have both been very helpful.

    From what I know so far, the donor car was a Morris Ital 1700. The engine runs, but I want to check it out further before driving any distance (which I can't do anyway, as it is not registered). I have started investigating the requirements of an IVA, and would dearly love to hear from anyone who has gone down that torturous route, and can help me navigate it.

    I have some engineering and mechanical experience, but this is the first car project I have attempted, so any help and information will be gratefully received. I will be at the Newark Kit Car show on Saturday Morning and look forward to meeting as many fellow owners as possible.

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    Re: New Member in Sheffield

    Looks very complete from the pictures, are you sure it wasn’t registered at some point?

    It may have been registered as the original donor, a lot of Marlins were.

    Maybe a bit more investigation is required.

    Anyway, welcome on board and do keep us updated on your progress.

    We all love a build log, especially with loads of pictures.

    Good luck.



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      Re: New Member in Sheffield

      Looking forward to meeting you at Newark tomorrow. Please come and make yourself known to us and I am sure we can give you some advice
      Liz & Doug


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        Re: New Member in Sheffield

        If you do go the IVA route the first step is to get a copy of the manual. I believe you can download load it nowadays.
        You may find some parts of the IVA quite difficult to comply with if the car hasn't been built with that in mind. For example it must have dual circuit brakes. And the radius on all contactable edges.
        I have put two cars through the test, one through the SVA (the old name for the IVA) and another through the MSVA. It is very satisfying, but also sometimes very frustrating!
        Cheers Robin

        PS. I will also be at Newark tomorrow although not with the car...
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          Re: New Member in Sheffield

          The IVA manual is avaialble here:
          My Cabrio was the first to pass IVA in 2009 when it came into force. All I can suggest is you go through the manual line by line and check that the car conforms. There are loads of gotchas to look out for. Ones I missed were placement of the chassis number, requirement to have a label for the correct brake fluid type, and radius failures. Passed on re-test though.


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            Re: New Member in Sheffield

            Hello and welcome; I'm ex-Sheffield Crookes, but now retired to Buxton, so not far away.

            Hopefully we'll meet up at some point, though not at Newark, as my appointments manager has made other plans.
            Best Wishes
            Bill Williams

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              Re: New Member in Sheffield

              Great to meet so many Mrmbers at Neark yesterday morning, just sorry my time was limited, I could have spent all day chatting. Some good information about the IVA trials & tribulations ahead, but onwards and upwards. Shame I can't make the meetup next Saturday, but hopefully next month, by which time I hope to have gone over the car more thoroughly.
              Cheers BobD