Welcome to the world of Marlins

The Marlin Owners Club is a friendly classic and kit car club where owners of Marlin and Marlin-derived cars can get together, share advice and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. To find out more about the club, the cars and the club’s activities please click on the links above. The Marlin Owners Club welcomes contact from anyone who owns, is thinking of owning, or is simply interested in the marque

So why should I join ?

Full membership gives you access to all areas of the website – a photo and video Gallery with hundreds of Marlin car pictures, Build Manuals, the complete archive of Pitstop magazines dating back to 1982, and more importantly, the Forum which has technical information, and questions and answers going back many years. You may already have seen that anyone posting on the site with a Marlin issue will have received many replies which have sorted their problems.
Collectively the membership has a vast knowledge and experience base. And it’s not just restricted to Marlins; we also have huge amounts of knowledge on general kit car builds, all sorts of engines and engine-swaps and specialist understanding of many classic cars.
Another good reason to join is the fact that whilst we are a national club, we have many local area groups where people meet regularly for runs out to places of interest, or even just for a social get-together. Annually (to mention just a few) there are Club weekends planned in Scotland, Suffolk, Herefordshire, and Yorkshire
If this still has not convinced you of the value of membership, then consider that for its members the Club has some great deals with insurance companies – you could even save your membership fee on reduced insurance costs.

So what’s stopping you ?

Full UK personal membership costs just £18 per year, and you can include your spouse/partner if you wish… which is not a lot of money for all the benefits.
Click onto “CLUB MEMBERSHIP” above and sign up – do it now, you won’t regret it !