Marlin Engineering Kit Numbers

The Triumph based Roadsters had a kit number sequence from 1001 (Sep 1979), with the last one being 1285 (Jul 83). The number was normally stamped as in the diagram and picture, however we have found several stamped in the most unusual places

The Marina Roadster kit production ran concurrently with the later Triumph ones. After a few prototype kits (2001/4/5/6) their numbers started at 2151 (Aug1981) up to 2999 (May 86) – however there were some irregular gaps in the series.

The Marina kit numbers then started again at 21000 (May 86) and ran up to 21672 ( Mar 92), and once again there are indeterminate gaps within this series. During this series the factory seems to have put a dash into the sequence, as “2-1234”

Note that the Hybrid cars (Triumph front, Marina rear) have “TM” or “TM+” in addition to the letters mentioned below.

Some of the last Marlin Marina kits were produced under the YKC name, and YKC then produced their own kits, starting from kit number 20-1000, and continuing up to at least 20-1134, the later kits being Sierra based

So if you have a Marina based kit, with a four digit number starting with a “2” it is an early one, a kit with a five digit number starting with a “2” is a mid to late kit, however, as in all things Marlin the rules do not always apply – a later kit may be marked as (for example) 2-1350 or even just as 1350 !

Additionally “suffix” stamps were sometimes applied   :

M  Short wheel base     M+  Long wheel base    O  O type engine (from the Ital donor)

For example, the full stamp could read 2-1234 TM or 2-1350 M+ O

NB The pictures above show the “standard” locations for the stamps, however Marlin at times were very inventive with their location of the stamping on the body !

Finally it is worth mentioning that different versions of some parts were produced as the production continued over time, but often the cars were built with whatever came to hand, and it is very difficult to date a car by looking at its body and other parts

Some unusually located Roadster numbers :

YKC Sierra based Roadsters are as below, and often also have this plate :

Berlinetta chassis (kit) numbers are in the same sequence as the Marina Roadsters, the cars being built alongside each other, the Berlis being 3- instead of 2- numbers and usually also having -B on the end.

The small plate will be located on the engine bulkhead as shown, note that it could be either side.

A good and simple system – – – however there are a large number of duplicated 2 series and 3 series cars in existence, for example

2379 is a Roadster, and 3379 is a Berli ; 2-1407 a Roadster and 3-1407 a Berli

The last known Marlin Berlinetta was 3-1671-B, however YKC later built four Berlis which were in a different number series, check the Berlinetta history for details

So in brief a Berli will (normally!) be stamped -1234-B, as the initial 3 was not always stamped on the plate