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Marlin Racing
Terry & Mark Matthews link to Marlin Racing
For details of the Marlin Racing Club contact Ken Robson.
Email: [email protected]

Kent Kit Car Club

There is an entertaining and informative club magazine, “The Grin Factor“, sent out to members regularly, free of charge.

Sussex Kit Car Club
The Sussex Kit Car Club is a group of like-minded individuals who are interested, or are participating, in the world of home built motor cars.
Email: [email protected] (For Paul)   Tel: 01580 200849

SKCC Southern Kit Car Club

Southern Kit Car Club – SKCC is an Intermarque kit car Club for owners and enthusiasts of kit based cars. The Club is free to join and open to owners across the the South East, typically: Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London, Middlesex, Berkshire and Essex.

Locost Builders

Locost Community Forum

Locost Enthusiasts

Locost Enthusiasts Website

Locost7 Info Site

Locost Info/Resource Website

MK Owners Club

MK Club Forum

Tiger Owners Club

Tiger owners Community forum

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