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Mike’s Marlin BMW Cabrio’s photostream

Mike’s Flikr site dedicated to the build of his BMW powered Cabrio and much more besides.


Patrick & Richard Short’s excellent build Sportster build site
Follow their build as they carefully record it all


Simon Gregory’s Cabrio build
Photos site showing Cabrio / BMW M20 build
Email: [email protected]

Andrew Brown’s excellent Trials website with details everything you need to know about Marlin cars in classic trials.


Martin Newell’s Site
Adventures of C5Martin,s Marlin Berlinetta
The web site follows the progress of a Marlin Berlinetta including pictures of holidays and rallies attended.


Vikki the Sportster / Gooster
Complete build diary, with links to useful sites, A Sportster specific IVA advice page and Electronics mods pages.


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